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Do you want to study or work in Germany or just go and spend your holidays there:
visit Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, 
the Black Forest, the Alps, lake Constance, the Octoberfest or one of the famous German Christmas Markets…
– together we will set the basis for enabling you to talk to and understand the Germans in their language, to feel comfortable and at home!

Learn German and understand the people, culture and history of Germany and get your road map of this country 

(and, as a bonus, of other German speaking countries of the present like Austria and Switzerland and of the past like Austria-Hungary), as Rita Mae Brown said:

❝Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.❞

Exceed your limits and explore a new world with the German language as your key!

I will hand you that key and help you using it until you have all the confidence and fluency you need and feel at home in this new world of the German language.

More creative or more academic – learn German the way YOU want! 

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You can enjoy your German online lessons via Skype  sitting comfortably at your own desk, without the need to get out of your house, catch a bus or drive a car…-wherever you live, worldwide,  fitting your individual schedule. Invite the world into your home and connect on a global level!

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