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Private German Lessons - Rely on the experience of native speaker and language teacher Viola!

Privat Deutsch Lernen bei Viola, Muttersprachlerin und Sprachlehrerin mit 20 Jahren Erfahrung


Guten Tag!

Ich bin Viola und möchte Ihnen dabei helfen, dass das Deutsch lernen für Sie ein Vergnügen wird!
My name is Viola and my passion is teaching – with me you will enjoy learning German!


My credentials:

  • more than 20 years of experience in teaching and tutoring
  • multilingual expert in learning languages (mother tongue German, English like mother tongue, Russian, Latin, Hebrew, some Spanish, Ladino and Yiddish)
  • experience and knowledge in studying, traveling and moving/immigrating to Germany
  • Historian and Language Teacher
  • German expat with experience in re-inventing yourself in a new country

My professional career:


Already while I was still at school, I tutored my first students in German language: I worked with asylumseekers and their children. Later, while I studied History, Hebrew and Russian at University, I  taught immigrants in Berlin. After that I studied Pedagogics and specialized  in Teaching German and English as  foreign languages. This was in a multi-cultural setting in Stuttgart together with fellow students from around the world. Finally I worked as a Language Teacher at a School in Nohfelden-Walhausen, close to the French Border. Eventually, I moved back to Southern Germany, where I was born and my familiy still lives. I settled in Munich and  worked for a Russian Travel agency. On the one hand, I helped Russians to prepare for their trips to Germany: vacations, business and also medical tourism (e.g. if they wanted to get first-class medical treatment in Germany and needed somebody to organize it for them and to translate their health documents). On the other hand, our customers were Germans who wanted to travel to Russia and Eastern Europe. In addition to that, I provided Language Tutoring in Munich and got a qualification as a City Tourguide.

Your benefits:


  • You will get advice about traveling in Germany based on a lot of professional experience !

I really know how it feels to be new to another country (I just moved abroad half a year ago to live together with my fiancee and his kids. I know what it takes to learn a new language  while trying to built up a new life, start a new job, deal with the “cultural shock” etc.

  • You will get an understanding professional guide at your side that can help you to start your life in Germany: applying for a job or at University, finding a flat and filling out forms for German bureaucracy.  

  • You will get lessons tailored exactly to your needs and your level (be it A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2). You will train all of your skills based on my diverse repertoire of methods

    (hearing/understanding, reading, speaking and writing German) including songs, texts, videos, pronunciation training, mnemonic techniques and more.

You will have  FUN AND SUCCESS learning German!


It will be my pleasure to prepare you for your trip, your project or even your life in Germany!