Learn German via Skype – with German "Gemütlichkeit" and success


Q:How do I pay?
A:You pay using Paypal. For that, you need a Paypal account. It is free to set up one.

Q:What is your payment policy?
A:You pay for a lesson or several lessons at once and I will send you an invoice for your payment. After that, we schedule the lessons based on your availability.

Q:What is teaching by Skype? I am not experienced with computers…
A:Skype is an online platform for communication. You can talk to me, hear my answers and see me in a live video during the lesson. Once you know how to use it, it is as simple as making a phone call. You do not need to use a webcam, you decide if you want me to see you or to just hear you.
Skype is free for communicating with persons that have a registered account. It is easy to set up an account. Here you can learn how to do it in a couple of minutes.

Q:But isn’t teaching online impersonal?
A:It might sound amazing, but it is sometimes more personal than being in the same room. To open up as a person, most people need to feel secure, relaxed and comfortable. During a Skype lesson, you sit comfortably at your own desk, in your own home, which is most times more relaxing and convinient than in a classroom or office.

Q:But isn’t it a problem if I live in a different time zone that you do?
A:It is easy to solve that. The little tool “Worldtimebuddy” helps us figure out which time it is at your place and my place, so that we can schedule our lesson at a time that suits both of us.

Q:How do I know you are a good teacher?
A: Just send me a message to schedule your free trial lesson, get tips how to learn German with “Gemütlichkeit” and success and find out for yourself! Up to now, all of my students were highly satisfied and happily stayed after their initial lesson.
Trust me – I am an expert with more than 20 years of experience in Tutoring!